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Information for Club Members Currently (April 2013) being updated (see the following sections below)

Provide your Visitors with this great set of materials alongside a copy of the Southern Cross, the Toastmasters Magazine, and links to our website to help get them started.

Toastmasters International Standard Meeting Roles

Toastmasters International has defined some guidance to clubs about roles to have in a Toastmasters meeting. Clubs have a lot of flexibility to determine their own programmes, and may have more, less or different roles to those listed – and clubs deviating from this list should take the time to help their new-comers, by documenting their roles in a similar way.

Toastmasters provides describes a good description of the Standard Meeting Roles resume.

The District Convention is the major event on District 73’s annual calendar, which is held on the third weekend in May each year.

The Convention combines the ultimate District 73 speaking competitions, the formalities of the District Council meeting, and a series of workshops all in one event. The foremost competition is the International Speech Contest, where the winner gets to go to the International Convention to compete amongst rivals in other Districts around the world!

In recent years, the District Convention is been held in;

  • Adelaide, SA, 2016
  • Launceston, TAS, 2015
  • Melbourne, VIC, 2014
  • Adelaide, SA, 2013

Our upcoming District Convention is to be held in Melbourne. Check out the Convention website for the coming event.

Member Resources

A collection of other Member Resources

Being a Great Speaker

The Finalists 2008 provides an insight into the Top speakers at the 2008 International Convention. Read from those who have Made It.

Miscellaneous Resources from the Internet

Various indexes to excellent content of interest to Toastmasters have been collated, by individuals globally. There is a good list of Online Resources in the Toastmasters Wikia.

Links to External Sites in the Wiki Directory

A number of key references, are included in the Wiki’s Directory.

Finding current Meeting Times and Places

You can find a list of clubs, and their general locations and meeting times on the District Website athttp://www.d73.toastmasters.org.au/clubs.

Club details are listed here, based on information supplied from Toastmasters International (from whom we get periodic listings), or the clubs themselves.

To check meeting information, you are encouraged to check the links to each club website, and to the registered details held by Toastmasters International, which you can obtain by clicking on the club name on our Districts “clubs” webpages above.

The TI information usually has full details on a club’s meeting place street address, and frequency of meetings.

Some members like to find clubs nearby that they might visit. In fact, visiting other clubs can give opportunities to speak in front of a new audience, to see how other clubs operate, and to hear others speak. You may even be given the honour of providing an evaluation at the club you visit. You can find clubs using the same listings at http://www.d73.toastmasters.org.au/clubs.

Details of current District Officers are still available on the Public website.

Please refer to http://www.d73.toastmasters.org.au/officers

District 73 has a large and diverse range of clubs. Many clubs in Toastmasters are specialised to meet the differing needs of the various communities that they support. Some clubs focus on developing leadership skills; others focus on special interests or simply as a platform to give advanced speakers more challenges.

Following is a list of some in District 73. .

District resources

  • District history provides some great information about the evolution of District 73.

Thanks to Andrew Breedan for collating

 District resources  – based on role

The purpose of the Training and Education program for Victoria is as follows:

1/ To respond to the needs of the District Leadership Team for specific training needs as requested.

2/ To develop facilitation skills amongst the Toastmasters Community by providing opportunities and support for less experienced facilitators to develop their skills.

3/ To provide opportunity for people across the Victorian Toastmasters Community to access quality training.

4/ To promote the following values and standards in our trainers, which is to understand and appreciate the importance of: adult learning principles, to respond to matters in a timely way and to be collaborative in the preparations and execution of the training.


Adult Learning Principles: include: focusing on the needs of the trainees, encouraging a collaborative approach to training, being responsive to different learning styles and providing training that applies to the current dilemmas of the trainees.

Responding to matters in a timely way—Trainers need to work to deadlines in submitting information for publicity and other relevant information.

Collaboration is a skill that needs to be developed in all trainers in their demeanour with other leaders and involved parties.


Please contact Russell Moore on   if you have any further queries.

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