Member Profile: Luka Musicki

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Member Profile: Luka Musicki

luka_mutm_styleHow you started at Toastmasters:

My journey with Toastmasters International started back in December 2014, when I finished my Master’s degree in Public Policy (in Seoul, South Korea). I was a very shy person and lacked confidence. I had poor interviewing skills, even poorer communication skills (both spoken and written), and no public speaking abilities. Despite that, I still believed that I was good at them. A friend suggested that I attend a Toastmasters meeting and give it a try. I am very happy that I did.

I decided to attend Melbourne University Toastmasters in February 2015, as I wanted to be with my peers (young people from university, despite having already graduated), instead of other Toastmasters clubs that I assumed would consist mainly of “experienced, older” adults. From the first meeting, I tried to get involved with other people for the round robin and table topics. I could see that I was a terrible speaker: I lacked eye contact, had no body movements, and was saying too many discourse particles. There was no structure to my impromptu speaking whatsoever. I soon started to learn from the positive critical feedback and constant practice. Toastmasters was not only the key to my success in becoming a good public speaker, but it gave me the confidence to believe in myself in front of a crowd.


High Intensity Training TM in Santiago (Chile)

How far you have come:

For me, it seems like a while ago since I first started. Well, counting from my first Toastmasters meeting to now, it has been approximately 2 years that I have been with Toastmasters International.

I had been with Melbourne University Toastmasters (MUTM) in Melbourne for 6 months, before becoming part of High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) Toastmasters in Santiago (Chile) for 8 months and returning to Melbourne to join 4 Toastmasters clubs. I became an officer in 3 of them. I am also Area Director of R34, which includes Ringwood, Croydon, Whitehorse, and Yarra Valley Water Toastmasters.

What you have achieved in that time:

  • Melbourne University TM members

    Members of Melbourne University TM

    I have helped MUTM club to achieve 6 DCP goals so far in 2016/2017 which is high.

  • I have successfully built my professional social connections through Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • I have developed new Toastmasters concept ideas, like LBAT for TM Personal Development
  • I have won many ribbons for Best Speaker + Best Evaluator awards, and Recognition trophy.
  • I have assisted District, Division, and Area directors with many contests.
  • I have attended all of the District Executive meetings, and made good connections in them.
  • I have been actively involved with Toastmasters International clubs over the 2 year period. This has helped me to gain current employment with the Department of Human Services. It has also helped me to obtain a graduate role at the Department of Health next year in Canberra, ACT.
  • It has helped me to be the youngest executive committee member of the Hispanic Society of Victoria (since mid-2016). The Hispanic Society of Victoria is a non-profit organization that promotes and educates Australian communities about the wonderful Latin American culture.

What your future plans might be:

  • Triple Crown Award – I would like to achieve this before leaving D73 (Victoria) for D70 (ACT).
  • I would like to be involved with a team that organizes Toastmasters events in the city.
  • DTM achievement – I would like to achieve the Distinguished Toastmaster award.

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Melbourne University Toastmasters

Hispanic Society of Victoria

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