Toastmasters Public Speaking Courses

Become The Speaker And Leader You Want To Be


Have you hit a roadblock in your career?

Are you tongue-tied in social settings?

Do you want to develop your public speaking skills and confidence?


Yes. Speechcraft is for you. A short public speaking intensive course led by experienced Toastmasters.

Taking a Speechcraft course will help you in your work and personal life – you will improve your communication skills and self-confidence. You gain practical experience in:

  • Organising and delivering prepared speeches
  • Improving your spontaneous speaking ability
  • Responding to an impromptu question
  • Increasing your confidence in front of an audience
  • Introducing a speaker in a professional manner
  • Giving and receiving immediate feedback
  • Developing your leadership potential

As part of my personal development plan I wanted to gain more public speaking experience and gain confidence presenting to different audiences. When I saw an advertisement for Speechcraft, I signed up straight away.  The course content was well designed, the mentors very experienced and I found Speechcraft to be extremely beneficial both personally and professionally.    Hannah

As a finance and business consultant being able to speak effectively to small and large groups of people is a must and keeping them engaged is essential. Speechcraft has made an enormous difference to my speaking skills. It has provided me with confidence and structure, so now I can approach speaking with a very positive mindset.  If you deal with people I highly recommend Speechcraft.   Alf

How do I find a course?

Select your state from this list:

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Looking for longer-term development?

Toastmasters provides a friendly and supportive environment to learn and develop your public speaking and leadership skills. Join the thousands in Australia already enjoying the benefits of the Toastmasters program and become the speaker and leader you have always wanted to be.

Find a club near you and work at your own pace in a supportive club environment.

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