Training and Education Victoria

Each month, both experienced presenters and newer presenters make a valuable contribution to the Training and Education Program across Victoria, which is conducted in various locations across Victoria.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming sessions include the following

2017 Seminars

2017 promises to be a great year.

On Saturday, February 4th Robyn O’Donnell, Victorian and Tasmanian Speechcraft Coordinator,  will facilitate a workshop about Speechcraft.  This is a very successful course run to provide assistance to people in Public Speaking.

Participants will gain insight into how to help adults overcome the fear of Public Speaking and run Speechcraft Courses.

This will be from 1pm to 4pm at South Melbourne Community Hub. Please call Robyn on 0409861673 for further details or email:

OnSunday, March 19th, Ha Du will re-run her very well received workshop the “Power of the Unspoken Word”.  More details soon.

On Saturday morning, on 22/4/17 Louise Risely will run a workshop  from 10am-12:30pm at  South Melbourne Community Hub  as a fund raiser for the Yakkety Yaks Club.  The topic will be: “Creativity for everybody”  Louise can be contacted on:

0419 934 812 or

Training and Education Program Purposes

The purpose of the Training and Education program is as follows:

1/ To respond to the requests of the District Leadership Team for specific training needs as requested

2/ To develop facilitation skills amongst the Toastmaster Community, by providing opportunities and provide support for less experienced facilitator to develop these skills.

3/ To provide opportunity for people across the Victorian Toastmasters Community to access quality training.

4/ To promote the following values and standards in our trainers, which is to understand and appreciate the importance of: adult learning principles; to respond to matters in a timely way and to be collaborative in the preparations and execution of training.

Adult Learning Principles: include: focusing on the needs of the trainees, encouraging collaborative approach to training, being responsive to different learning styles and providing training that that applies to the current dilemmas of the trainees.

Responding to matters in a timely way—Trainers need to work to deadlines in submitting information for publicity and other relevant information

Collaboration is a skill that needs to be developed in all trainers in their demeanour with other leaders and involved parties

To learn more about the Training and Education Program, please contact your local Training & Education Coordinator


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