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Welcome to the Toastmasters District 73 website.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills though a worldwide network of clubs.

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How Can I Acquire Leadership Skills?

Some people are natural leaders, but that doesn't mean that the others cannot be leaders. The good news is that anyone can develop the leadership skills with some practice. Here are some strategies, we believe, can help you develop your leadership skills. Agree?...

Skills You Can Learn As Your Club’s Vice President Education

Are you planning to take up a leadership role next year? If yes, which one? Do share with us. **This content is a part of our campaign - "Transferrable Skills You Can Learn In Leadership Roles At Toastmasters".** We are in the second half of the Toastmasters year...

Should You Mention Toastmasters On Your Resume?

We think you should. Toastmasters International's mission is to empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. While participation in Toastmasters benefits members in many aspects of their lives especially their profession where they get to...

You Speech Can Deliver These Messages …

Speeches should, ideally, drive some point(s) home or deliver a message. What can that be? Here are few examples  What more can we add to this list? Do share. A few messages your next speech can deliver.

Why Should A Club Consider Having A Coach?

Here are 5 ways in which your club stands to gain under the guidance of a club coach. If you need more information, get in touch with our Club Coach Coordinator today. Also, feel free to share this content with anyone who may be interested or needs to know. Club Coach...

5 Reasons You Should Not Fear Failure

No one ever wants to enjoys failing. Fear of failure can be so strong that the need to avoid failure can overpower our motivation to succeed. Insecurity about doing things incorrectly causes many people to unconsciously sabotage their chances for success. That's when...

District Leadership Team

Vicki Travers

Vicki Travers

District Director

Neha Pandey

Neha Pandey

Public Relations Manager

Karl Hughes

Karl Hughes

Program Quality Director

Danielle Jones-Resnik

Danielle Jones-Resnik

Admin Manager

Sue Pederick

Sue Pederick

Immediate Past District Director

Namrita Anchan

Namrita Anchan

Club Growth Director

Christine Dimitros

Christine Dimitros

Finance Manager

what is a toastmasters district 

Club Mission

We provide a supportive and
positive learning experience in which
members are empowered to develop
communication and leadership skills,
resulting in greater self-confidence and
personal growth.

District Mission

We build new clubs and support all
clubs in achieving excellence.

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#Effectivecommunication is an essential skill today. But it doesn't happen overnight. It has to be cultivated. Here are some skills that can be practised for the same.


What more can we add?

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#Leaders Need To Be Self-aware. Here are a few tips to help them get started with creating self-awareness.


Recommend anything else? Do share.

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Scared of #PublicSpeaking?

You're not alone.

Learn why giving speeches can be terrifying and how to tame the fear.

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Toastmasters @Toastmasters
Many people have a fear of public speaking, but can they truly conquer it? In the April Toastmaster magazine, explore ways to embrace those nerves and train your brain to manage the anxiety.
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Are you planning to take up a #leadershiprole next year?

If yes, which one?

**This content is a part of our campaign - "Transferrable Skills You Can Learn In Leadership Roles At Toastmasters". **

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Skills Learnt At @Toastmasters Boost Your Career in the following ways.


Any other experience/s we can add?

Do share your thoughts with us.

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