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Welcome to the Toastmasters District 73 website.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills though a worldwide network of clubs.

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The Power of a Pause

Pauses can be an incredibly powerful tool in public speaking, as they provide several benefits to the speaker as well as to the audience. Here are 8 benefits of taking a pause during a speech. Use a pause to make an impactful speech. What do you think? Did we miss...

Why Toastmasters: Who is a Table Topics Speaker?

Here’s what you need to know about the role of Topics Speaker. Did we miss anything here? Do share with us. Feel free to share this post with anyone who may benefit from it and/or may be interested in Toastmasters. "What can you learn at a Toastmasters meeting?" is a...

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program: 4 Things to Know About a Coordinator

It's listed below. Who is a YLP Coordinator? Are you interested in the role of a YLP coordinator? Write to our YLP coordinator at to express your interest and/or find out more about the role. Alternately, leave your query in the comment...

Practice Self-forgiveness

Here are some basic tips to get you started. Be kind to yourself. Thoughts?

How to focus when assigned to multiple projects?

Here are some basic rules you could stick to, for starters. Stay focussed on the work! Thoughts? What more can we add to this list?


Today, we discuss how professionals stand to gain from Toastmasters Pathways educational program. We've listed the eleven paths and the core skills each of those can help professionals acquire or practice. Learn and practice in a safe and supportive environment at...

District Leadership Team

Karl Hughes

Karl Hughes

District Director

Neha Pandey

Neha Pandey

Public Relations Manager

Namrita Anchan

Namrita Anchan

Program Quality Director

Annette Jacobsen

Annette Jacobsen

Admin Manager

Vicki Travers

Vicki Travers

Immediate Past District Director

Dani Streets

Dani Streets

Club Growth Director

Christine Dimitros

Christine Dimitros

Finance Manager

what is a toastmasters district 

Club Mission

We provide a supportive and
positive learning experience in which
members are empowered to develop
communication and leadership skills,
resulting in greater self-confidence and
personal growth.

District Mission

We build new clubs and support all
clubs in achieving excellence.

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Make your toasts meaningful, memorable, & short 🥂

Toasts aren’t club speeches; rather, they’re meant to be short, inspiring celebrations.


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An evaluator's role comes with responsibilities. Ensure your advice is constructive & appropriate.

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Name an evaluator you love hearing from.

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5 Ways to Calm the Pre-Speech Jitters

This article discusses transforming anxiety into helpful energy to fuel your speeches.

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