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Welcome to the Toastmasters District 73 website.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills though a worldwide network of clubs.

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Motivating Your Team In The Midst Of Uncertainty

It can feel extremely difficult to stay motivated during a crisis. A good example could be the crisis presented by the ongoing pandemic. In the last one year, people have experienced a sea of emotions - disturbance, sadness, rebellion, frustration, and obviously,...

DLT Series: Important Lessons I Learnt As An Area Director

Today, as part of our District Leadership Team or DLT Series, our wonderful webmaster, Heath Gilham, shares the lessons he learnt as the S40 Area Director. Do read and show some love to Heath. A big shout out to area directors in the house. Which lessons did you learn...

10 Skills You Can Learn As An Area Director At Toastmasters

Are you planning to take up any leadership role next year? If yes, which one? Do share with us. This is a part of our "Transferrable Skills You Can Learn In Leadership Roles At Toastmasters" campaign. We are in the second half of the Toastmasters year already, and we...

How To Zero Down On An Engaging Speech Topic?

Finding a good topic can sometimes be tougher that delivering a speech. Here are a few tips to choosing a gripping topic for your next speech. Thoughts? Which of these do you swear by? Choose an engaging speech topic

Keeping A Remote Team Motivated …

... can be arduous. But if leaders keep the simple points mentioned below in mind, at least half their job can be taken care of. What do you think? How do you keep your team motivated? Ways To Motivate A Remote Team

How To Respond To Criticism?

Responding to criticism can be tricky. Our response to critique is based on various factors - What is being criticised?The situation in which criticism is deliveredThe intent of criticismThe frame of mind of the receiverThe person delivering the criticism The above...

District Leadership Team

Vicki Travers

Vicki Travers

District Director

Neha Pandey

Neha Pandey

Public Relations Manager

Karl Hughes

Karl Hughes

Program Quality Director

Danielle Jones-Resnik

Danielle Jones-Resnik

Admin Manager

Sue Pederick

Sue Pederick

Immediate Past District Director

Namrita Anchan

Namrita Anchan

Club Growth Director

Christine Dimitros

Christine Dimitros

Finance Manager

what is a toastmasters district 

Club Mission

We provide a supportive and
positive learning experience in which
members are empowered to develop
communication and leadership skills,
resulting in greater self-confidence and
personal growth.

District Mission

We build new clubs and support all
clubs in achieving excellence.

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Toastmasters Helps You Overcome Your Fears ...

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"Giving a speech or presentation to an audience of people who speak various languages or have differing cultural backgrounds requires special tact on the part of the speaker." Here are some tips and techniques on how to be effective -

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It can be difficult to stay motivated during a crisis. Like in the last 1 year, people have experienced a sea of emotions. Today, even as many have started going back to work, it can be challenging to stay motivated. This challenge only multiplies for #leaders. What to do then? d73tm photo

Here are 6 ways in which one stands to gain as a #clubcoach.

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Coach Qualification:
- Be a paid member in good standing with @Toastmasters
- Must not be a member of the struggling club on appointment

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