And the winner is…

And the winner is…

The winner of the contest to get involved in promoting your club, area and
division contests is David J Earley of Heidelberg Health Toastmasters!

David’s comments on the closed District 73 Facebook Group shows us great
vision and forward thinking because if we all did as David said, it would
significantly make a difference not just to our local clubs but the whole

Here are his comments:

“To all members of the D73 Melb Contest Judges Group, it’s quickly coming
to that time of year when the Club Contests are about to start for the
2016/2017 period. It would be fantastic if everyone could invite just 1
person to join this group so we can…1) grow the group & 2) help make it
easier to get judges for your club contest & 3) lighten the workload for
those running the contests!”

David wins a ticket to this year’s semi-annual convention at the Melbourne
Airport Parkroyal, kicking off this Saturday, 12/11/16.

Well Done David!!

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  1. Adrienne Bowd says:

    Well Done David!

    great promotion and very good reward

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