Area, Division and District Leaders


Claiming Reimbursement

District leaders can submit a claim for certain Toastmasters expenses. Before you spend any money, check with the to make sure you can claim the expense. Even if you’re told you can spend the money, do everything you can to keep costs down. Here are the steps for submitting your claim:

1. Download the Reimbursement Claim Form.

Toastmasters District 73 Reimbursement Claim Form. [UPDATED: July 11, 2017].

2. Fill out the form.

You’re required to complete the following fields:

  • Your name and Toastmasters leadership role,
  • Your club’s name,
  • Your banking details: BSB and account number,
  • A written detailed account of your claim, including the exact cost in dollars and cents,
  • The total of all the expenses your claim on this form.
3. Attach receipts to support your claim.

Receipts prove the expense and are required for any claim to be successful.

4. Submit your claim form and receipts.

Email your claim form and receipts to the and

Generally, it takes two weeks for your claim to be approved and your expense reimbursed.



Performing an Effective Executive Transition

Periodically, leaders in all organisations change. Toastmasters is no different. Annually – and in some clubs even more frequently – almost all roles in Toastmasters are passed from one person to the next.

It is important to take the time to plan for – and execute – an effective transition from the old office bearer to the next. So many of our clubs, areas, divisions – even the District – have lost valuable information because they have not appropriately considered:-

  • Develop a Succession Plan for all roles
  • Involve likely/potential successors to help with club leadership activities
  • Ensure that records you received, get passed to your successor
  • Ensure key records from your time as office bearer get passed to your successors
  • Use a CD or USB memory stick to give files to your successor, as a symbolic transition of ownership of the organisation’s “collective memory”
  • Ensuring outgoing and incoming members update bank/security signatories etc.
  • Review key club documents to ensure they are kept current
  • Review TI Club Information for accuracy, and Update Club Details as appropriate.
    • Review websites to ensure they have up-to-date contacts
    • Ensure your new Office Bearers receive their TI Manuals for their new roles
    • Hold a changeover dinner to Thank the outgoing office bearers, and to welcome the incoming office bearers. Recognise their efforts, and willingness to volunteer!

Area Director Club Visits

Two club visits per year minimum

Area Directors are required to visit clubs a minimum of two times through the Toastmasters year.

In a visit in the July 1 to October 31 period, and again in the January 1 to April 30 period, Area Directors are required to undertake a formal visit, and meet with senior club leaders to discuss club progress, and ways to enhance the experience of the membership, through any appropriate Club or District actions.

On completion, prior to the deadline, the Area Directors should complete the online Area Visit form ensuring they tick the relevant boxes, to inform Division leaders of the outcomes.


District Leader Nominating Form

Serving Clubs Through Visits A Guide For Area Directors

TI overview for Club Visits.


District Reports


Toastmasters International Performance Reports

Toastmasters International provides all of your District Leader Resources here;


Other Reports

Other Reports not published by Toastmasters International but used by many Toastmasters worldwide.

Toastmasters International provides reports on the progress of our Clubs using the District Performance Reports section of the website.

You can also use the following links.

A great site for statistics for your District/Members is

An enterprising Toastmaster – Nigel Reed – has created a great site analysing Toastmasters data.

The site includes Distinguished Club Program reports and maps of clubs around the world.

Check out the main site at –

District 73 Map –

District 73 Reports –

A great resource, Nigel !

District Leadership Handbook & Insurance Liability Certificate

Here are the procedures that govern our district:

District Leadership Handbook

District 73 Procedures Manual

D73 Public Liability Certificate 


Toastmasters Structure – Clubs, Areas, Divisions, Districts

Three or more clubs are organised into Areas.

Areas are similarly organised in Divisions.

Both Areas and Divisions (at least within Australia) are organised into Districts. Our District is District 73, and is comprised of Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria.

The District leadership team form the District Council, which is the elected management committee to exercise the mission of the District.

At the highest level in the District is the District Executive Committee.  This group is comprised of the District Director, the Immediate Past District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Administration Manager, Finance Manager and District Parliamentarian.


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