Become a Super Speaker and Leader!

Become a Super Speaker and Leader!

Do you feel like you’re not improving as a speaker and leader?

Maybe you feel like your progress has stalled. Maybe the butterflies are flying in formation, but they’re stuck in a holding pattern. Maybe you’re wondering how to take that next big step forward in becoming a leader.

It’s been said that if you repeat the same action, you get the same result. This is why further education can make all the difference.

We have seven workshop presenters speaking at our Annual Convention, and they’re guaranteed to propel you to new heights as a speaker and leader. Here’s the program:

Saturday (May 20)

Geoff Schoenberg – Leading as a Group: How to Harness the Power of Individuals

Geoff’s specialty is in leadership and groups. With a PhD focusing on the interactions of individual behaviours, and group effectiveness in non-profit committees, Geoff has presented in Canada, USA, Denmark, Norway, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.


Jenny Bailey – Thinking Habits of Confident Leaders

Jenny’s workshop will cover understanding your mission and purpose, playing to your strengths, dealing with blockers to success, developing a constructive, resilient and growth-focused mindset, dealing with dark times, and how to filter feedback. Jenny is the author of “Women in Hard Hats: Building Leadership, Confidence and Life Satisfaction.”

Ha Du – Bring Your Inner Hero to Life

Ha Du is the 2015-16 District 73 Humorous Speech Contest Champion, and has since delivered a number of sold out workshops on the use of facial expressions. At this workshop, Ha will give you an opportunity to learn the skills that made her a champion.


Christina Canters – How to Build Unshakable Confidence as a Speaker

Christina is a public speaking and communication skills coach, speaker, and trainer. As creator and owner of the C Method, her workshop will help you build confidence as a speaker.


Sunday (May 21)

Sébastien Roger De Nuñez  – Talk Like a TED Speaker: The Recipe For a Great Talk

Sebastien’s TED Talk entitled, “Wake Your Inner Polyglot Up” has since had over 100,000 views on YouTube (“Un polyglotte sommeille en vous”). He is a communication skills coach, filmmaker, improv theatre actor, and also speaks 10 languages. At our annual convention, he will help you take your speaking to the next level with his workshop, “Talk like a TED speaker”.


Bill Farman – 7 Simple Steps To Simpler, More Visual and Far More Meaningful Presentations

Bill is founder and CEO of Mamba Digital and has over 30 years experience in communicating ideas effectively. His workshop, “Speak to Stand Out” will show you how to deliver amazing presentations that create a meaningful experience for your audience, keeping them engaged from beginning to end.

Kim Harris – Switch on Your Superpower

Kim Harris is an experienced life coach with over 15 years experience in personal development. She has given over 10 years service to Toastmasters including being awarded Area Director of the Year for 2015-16. Kim’s workshop will help both convention first timers, and newer members, overcome their fear of public speaking.


The convention is being held from the 19th-21st of May, 2017 at the Rydges Carlton in Melbourne.

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