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Educational Awards (August 2022)

Congratulations to all members that have submitted and obtained educational awards in July 2022. 68 awards were submitted. There were 56 members and 28 clubs submitted awards.

From the District Director’s Desk (August 2022)

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” — Mother Teresa How did your first month this year go, maybe as a District Leader, a Club Executive Officer OR a fabulous District 73 Member?! I am sure just like all of us you are trying to learn and...

Important Events and Dates 2022-2023

Here is your yearly calendar with the important District 73 Toastmaster events dates that we invite you to be part of as our fabulous District 73 members. These District events are for you and to accelerate your Toastmasters journey. Come be part of it and do visit...

From the District Director’s Desk (July 2022)

DAY ONE OR ONE DAY, YOU DECIDE!   Be it the start of the year or end of the year, it is all on you how you look at it, what perspective you carry towards that task in hand or goal you have set for yourself. The moment you decide YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN,...

In-the-moment Strategies To Shift Gears

Research shows that in just 60-90 seconds, it’s possible to course correct from stress and reset our bodies and minds. Therefore, when you’re having a particularly overwhelming day, it’s essential to have a few strategies in your back pocket that help you quickly...

What do good followers do?

We often talk about leadership in our communications. But we rarely discuss followership, which is also an important aspect. How well followers follow is just as important to success as leaders' leadership.

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