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Each and every Toastmasters member is striving to be a better speaker. Here is where we toast the best of us, the most powerful speaking tools and the community we have grown and love.

In-the-moment Strategies To Shift Gears

Research shows that in just 60-90 seconds, it’s possible to course correct from stress and reset our bodies and minds. Therefore, when you’re having a particularly overwhelming day, it’s essential to have a few strategies in your back pocket that help you quickly...

What do good followers do?

We often talk about leadership in our communications. But we rarely discuss followership, which is also an important aspect. How well followers follow is just as important to success as leaders' leadership.

Use The “Hand Gesture Dictionary”

Hand gestures are often referred to as our “second language” because they can convey so much. In fact, studies have shown that proper use of our hands during communication can increase the effectiveness of our message by up to 60%. Below are some hand gestures that...

9 Reasons Why Leaders Must Have Mentors

All of us are continually growing and learning and landing a leadership position shouldn't mean that we know it all. The most successful leaders embrace the power of knowing they don’t know everything. Therefore, finding a mentor who will be a positive inspiration for...

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program: Why Become A Coordinator?

We've listed below ... Are you interested in the role? Express your interest and/or find out more about the role from our wonderful YLP coordinator at . Alternately, leave your query in the comment section and we'll connect with you. Do not...

Benefits of Our Inner Monologue

Talk to yourself at least once a day, otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world. These profound words are from Swami Vivekananda, a Hindu spiritual leader. Self-talk is our internal dialogue. It’s influenced by our subconscious mind and speaks...

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