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Each and every Toastmasters member is striving to be a better speaker. Here is where we toast the best of us, the most powerful speaking tools and the community we have grown and love.

Why Does One Need Leadership Skills?

Did this question ever pop up? Yes? Today, we bring you seven reasons why you should learn or work on your leadership skills. Check out the post below. Thoughts? What more can we add?

The Power of a Pause

Pauses can be an incredibly powerful tool in public speaking, as they provide several benefits to the speaker as well as to the audience. Here are 8 benefits of taking a pause during a speech. Use a pause to make an impactful speech. What do you think? Did we miss...

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program: 4 Things to Know About a Coordinator

It's listed below. Who is a YLP Coordinator? Are you interested in the role of a YLP coordinator? Write to our YLP coordinator at to express your interest and/or find out more about the role. Alternately, leave your query in the comment...

Build Your Credibility as a Public Speaker

Our credibility is vital as public speakers. We cannot hope to inspire or persuade an audience if they are not convinced about our speech or presentation. Here are a few tips on building our credibility. Which of these is your favourite? What do you think? Any tip...

Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program: 6 Skills Students Can Learn

Check out the list below. If you think your child or students can benefit from this program, do contact our YLP Coordinator at . Alternately, leave your query in the comment section and we'll connect with you. Do not forget to share this...

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