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Information for Club Leaders

Your Club and Toastmasters International

  • TI Policies and Procedures
  • Voting at TI Convention

Your Club and District 73

  • Club Visits
  • District Officers
  • District Supplies
  • Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches

Managing your Club

  • Visitor Member Kit
  • Club Badges
  • Update Club Details
  • Club Mailing Address
  • Club Leader Roles
  • District Reports

Club Activities

  • Membership Retention Changeover
  • Reinstated, Transfer and Dual Members
  • Contests

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Note: Our Member FAQs are under development.

TI Policies and Procedures

All Toastmasters Districts are expected to comply with the Policies and Procedures of Toastmasters International.

Voting at TI Convention

Each July, it is time for us to arrange the proxy votes for your club to be represented at the Annual Business Meeting of Toastmasters International.

This Annual meeting is held at the International Convention, typically held

in August.

Presidents need to assign your club’s proxy.

A club can assign their proxy in one of three ways:

1.  If a member of the club will be attending the Annual Business

Meeting, they may carry the club’s vote.


2.  If no one from the club is attending the Annual Business Meeting,

the club may designate the District Governor as the club’s proxyholder. The District Governor will ensure the club’s vote is cast

at the meeting.


3. If no one from the club is attending the Annual Business Meeting,

the club may choose as its proxyholder an active Toastmaster from another club who is planning to attend.

Whichever of these 3 ways that you wish to exercise your club’s vote, you need to:

Go to

Click on the Club Officer tab

Enter your Club number and club password

or log on to your personal profile using your Member ID

Select the option at the bottom of the menu “Club Proxy/Delegate Assignment”

Follow the prompts to submit your club’s proxy assignment.

(Club presidents can obtain member ID numbers by accessing their membership roster on the Toastmasters International Web site’s club business section.

You can also find your member ID number on the address portion of your Toastmaster magazine).

For further details please refer to the Proxy FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on

the Toastmasters Intgernational website or email the District Secretary.

Club Visits

Area Governors are required to visit clubs a minimum of two times through the Toastmasters year.

In a visit in the July 1 to October 31 period, and again in the January 1 to April 30 period, Area Governors are required to undertake a formal visit, and meet with senior club leaders to discuss club progress, and ways to enhance the experience of the membership, through any appropriate Club or District actions.

On completion, prior to the deadline, the Area Governor should complete the online Area Visit form ensuring they tick the relevant boxes, to inform Division leaders of the outcomes.


TI overview for Club Visits.

District Supplies

(Including club badges)

D73 District Supplies information can be found here

Visitor Member Kit

Visitor and New Member Kit

Provide your Visitors with this great set of materials alongside a copy of the Southern Cross, the Toastmasters Magazine, and links to our website to help get them started.

Get together a collection of materials that you can prepare to give your keen visitors an insight into the Toastmasters experience.

Update Club Details

Club Details are maintained officially by Toastmasters International (also known as TI or TMI)

To update Club details, including

  • Club Officers
  • Meeting Frequencies, Times or Locations
  • Websites
  • Contact names

Please use “Conduct Club Business” under the website, or use the  maintenance link here.

Unfortunately, there is not a direct link with updates made to “International” getting back to Australia and the webmaster.

For that reason, it is recommended that you also advise the webmaster at  .

Club President

The President serves as the overall leader and is responsible for the general supervision and smooth operation of the Club. The President is the principal communicator to District and International officers and the primary recipient of correspondence from World Headquarters.

Specific duties:

  • Set goals for the Club and then put into effect plans to achieve them. This includes achieving the highest possible status in the Distinguished Club Programme – see
  • Prepare for and preside over Club Officer Meetings, and ensure that policies agreed upon are enacted.
  • Preside over the regular Club Meetings.
  • Ensure that Club Officers are registered at World Headquarters – see
  • Ensure that the Treasurer sends membership renewals to World Headquarters in time.
  • Encourage all Club Officers to go to the training sessions.
  • Forward correspondence from World Headquarters to the appropriate Club Officer.
  • Inform members about conferences, workshops, contests and other events in the District.
  • Go to autumn and/or spring conference to vote on District issues. Arrange a proxy if unable to attend.


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