Jim Kokocki

Jim Kokocki

Jim Kokocki is an entrepreneur and business consultant residing in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Jim serves as a volunteer with the Saint John Board of Trade where he co-chairs the organization’s Business Education Committee. Jim previously worked for 30 years at telecommunications provider Bell Aliant and related companies, where he served as manager of business marketing for the Aliant Mobility division and managed the Bell Aliant Innovation Centre.

He is currently completing a graduate degree at the University of New Brunswick, Saint John, where he previously earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. A Toastmaster for 27 years, Jim’s home club is Saint John Toastmasters in Saint John. He has held a number of high profile leadership positions within the organization, including serving on the Toastmasters Board of Directors from 2002 to 2004, and has attained the Distinguished Toastmaster designation—the highest level of educational achievement in the organisation.

As an officer on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, Kokocki is a “working ambassador” for the organisation. He works with the Board to develop, support and modify the policies and procedures that guide Toastmasters International in fulfilling its mission.


DQ barbershopDQ Barbershop Quartet

DQ are one of South Australia’s newest and most exciting acapella ensembles who try not to take themselves too seriously. With only their voices – DQ present the songs you know, (and some you don’t) in a very unique way.

Formed in mid 2014, the four friends who have all been singing for a combined 45 years are making their way across the vocal music scene, performing at every chance they get. The quartet is comprised of Cameron DuRieu: Event Manager, long time performer and inappropriate comment maker. Mitre Khammash: A film and music producer, performing arts educator and lebanese cuisine enthusiast. Matthew Stringer: Daddy of the group, has two amazing children and would regard himself a Japanese cartoon aficionado. Benjamin Neldner: A Financial Services Officer by day, self professed ladies man by night and our very own Toastmaster.

In this Masterclass DQ will take you through a crash course in vocal variety and confidence on stage, through the medium of song. The boys will cover warming up the voice, stage presence, correct use of the vocal production and techniques. Relating elements of vocal performance to public speaking. The boys will have you singing along by the end.


Tiannii TangTiannii Tang

Tiannii has had over fifteen years’ experience in the corporate space, of which, five years was spent in higher education. Through her experience working in tertiary education, coupled with her technological and psychology background, Tiannii has studied and learnt the art of selling in the technological age.

As part of her role, she has interviewed numerous candidates but has also been interviewed by many employers and recruiters. In her spare time, she mentors and coaches numerous people with their interviewing skills. Her passion is helping people grow and obtaining the career they love.


Tamara TippleTamara Tipple

As a Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Laughter Yoga Teacher, Tamara runs her own coaching business as The Expression Engineer. Dedicated to helping others unlock and unleash their full expression potential, she uses powerful universal mindset tools, coupled with creative fun, to engineer ways of achieving dreams.

Tamara has been a Toastmaster for four years and has amalgamated her life experiences and skills as a mother to three teenage boys, a past creative videographer, HR consultant, adult education teacher into various regular workshops, speaking events, courses and local entrepreneurial groups.

She has also been on a spiritual journey of discovery and for many years has been studying and practicing various modalities. With the ability to be able to speak and adapt to many people and audiences, Tamara has an awareness and intuition that really relates to people. She delivers a unique mix of knowledge, business, science, spirituality and fun in any situation. Enjoy!


Beng TanBeng Tan

Beng Tan runs his own property development company and has negotiated many multi-million dollar deals. As a member of Toastmasters for nearly 10 years, he has competed and won several speech contests at various levels. In his past life, Beng Tan was an engineer who has a keen interest in cooking and comedy. Nothing delights Beng more in making people laugh with a full stomach.


Ting CaoTing Cao

As recent as 11 years ago, Ting Cao arrived in Australia from China not knowing how to speak a word of English. Today, he is a professional mindset coach, helping people make transformational shifts in their mindset to get better results in life, relationships, finances and careers. In addition to being a father to 2 lovely boys, he has operated several successful businesses, and has been a member of Toastmasters now for over 5 years.


Nick NashNick Nash

Since 2003, Nick Nash has been a member of Champion Toastmasters Club. Not only has he made speeches and presented workshops; and has also chaired the District Convention (twice) and the Division Conference.

Always interested in words (spoken and written), Nick’s relaxed style helps him engage with audiences. Nick has always been interested in leadership and how that translates to corporate culture and gets very frustrated with the short-sightedness shown by many leaders.


Darrell KlarDarrell Klar

Darrell Klar has been a Toastmaster since February 2011, earning his Distinguished Toastmaster award in July 2013. His Toastmasters career has seen him a member of Raconteurs, Mawson Lakes and S.A. Governors clubs, C9 Area Governor and Central Division E&T Coordinator. He is currently a Learning Master working with TMI on the Revitalized Education Program.

Outside of Toastmasters, Darrell has been in the training and development field for 20 years delivering over 2500 hours of training. His business “Clear Cut Coaching” has the catch phrase “Live Your Ultimate Life”, where he develops individuals and businesses so they can communicate with power and passion.

An expressive and outgoing persona onstage, Darrell takes his audiences on a journey, providing inspiration through new thinking.

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