District Governance

District 73 Operating Procedures Manual, Administrative Bylaws, Leadership Handbook

District 73 Toastmasters is governed by the bylaws, policy and protocol of Toastmasters International. The District Administrative Bylaws is the governing document that specifically addresses district leadership and operations. The District Operating Procedures Manual address operational processes.

District Administrative Bylaws
District Leadership Handbook    Rev. 2/2017
District 73 Operating Procedures Manual v9.0    May 2017

Management of District 73 is conducted in accordance with decisions of D73 District Council and D73 District Executive. Renton’s Rules is used for parliamentary procedure within the District. Subject to decisions of D73 District Council and D73 District Executive, day-to-day management of District 73 is the responsibility of a District Leadership Committee. The District Leadership Committee comprises: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, Immediate Past District Director, and Division Directors.



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