Here is a complete list of Pathways Ambassadors:

Pathways Chief Ambassador   Bruce Hill
Division Bass 1   Wayne A’Vard
Division Bass 2   Rocky Biasi
Division Bass 3   David Hughes
Division Central 1   Peter Cesco
Division Central 2   Helen Kubenk
Division Central 3   Mark Reynolds
Division Eastern 1   Anna Vandenberg
Division Eastern 2   Terry Barridge
Division Eastern 3   Florence Luk
Division Innercity 1   Trish Brown
Division Innercity 2   Vivien Ellard
Division Metropolitan 1   Damian Chong
Division Metropolitan 2   Bruce Hill
Division Metropolitan 3   Paul Fanning
Division Northern 1   Graham Fuller
Division Northern 2   Bob Oldfield
Division Northern 3   Debbie Horoba
Division Northern 4   Paul Fanning
Division Ranges 1   Florence Luk
Division Ranges 2   Nola Sharp
Division Southern 1   Marlene Sinclair
Division Southern 2   Rick Finlay


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