Pathways Launches in District 73 in December 2017

Where will Pathways take you?

The online Toastmasters education program, Pathways, is coming to District 73.

New Toastmasters members will begin their journey with Pathways, while existing members can choose whether to start Pathways, continue pursuing their current education awards, or work simultaneously in both the old education system to complete their current awards while also getting started in Pathways.

Once the old education has been phased out, everyone will learn through Pathways.

Find your path

To make the most of Pathways, you start by taking the Pathways Assessment online. It will help you choose a path that’s right for you.  You can either select the Path suggested or choose the path that you want to do.

Next, explore Base Camp, where you’ll be able to access all of the materials for your learning experience, including your feedback, transcript and printable materials.

In Base Camp, you can track your progress, connect with members from your club, and view badges and certificates you’ll earn along the way.

Enjoy the flexibility of working online or in select print paths on dynamic projects that provide real-world, transferable skills.

Features of Pathways

In Pathways, your Toastmasters journey equips you with more communication and leadership skills relevant to the 21st Century.

You can choose to master new projects, including:

    • Podcasting
    • Ethical Leadership
    • Blogging
    • Conducting Online Meetings.

Base Camp is the online home of Pathways, where you’ll access your educational materials and connect with other people in your club.

Base Camp offers:

    • Engaging videos that model the skills you’re learning
    • Opportunities to earn and to award digital badges
    • Interactive quizzes and activities
    • Ability to share feedback online.

Find Out More About Pathways

To help District 73 Toastmasters members get started using Pathways,  Pathways Ambassadors and Pathways Guides will visit all District 73 clubs during October and November 2017. Clubs are asked to allow one hour for the Pathways presentations.

If you have questions please contact your Pathways Guide.


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