Present a Workshop at our next Annual Convention!

Present a Workshop at our next Annual Convention!

Have you ever dreamt of teaching your hard-earned skills in front of an audience?

Well, now’s your chance. Our next annual convention is being held in Hobart on the weekend of the 19th of  May, 2018, and workshop presenters are being sought. You might have a special skill or ability that you want to share with the world. Maybe you have years of experience in a particular method of communicating. Or possibly you’re an expert in some kind of modern technology.

If so, our convention committee wants to hear from you. This is a great opportunity to present in front of a larger audience, and deliver a completely different style of presentation.

Additionally, the convention is taking place in Hobart in Spring. It’s a beautiful time of year, and a great opportunity to extend your convention visit with a well-earned holiday.

Fill in the Workshop Presenters Application:

Workshop Application

and send it to Estella HERE.

Go on! Be a devil!

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