Speechcraft – Toastmasters Public Speaking Courses

What is Speechcraft?

Speechcraft is a short course run by Toastmasters that covers the basics of public speaking. It’s been described as ‘jet-powered learning’ by participants, and typically runs for four, six or eight weeks. Group sizes are kept small – usually eight to twelve participants.

District 73 Toastmasters can also run a Speechcraft course at your work. Contact us and we can send a team of our experienced Toastmasters to your company so your employees can learn without even leaving the office.

What do we teach?

Taking a Speechcraft course will help you improve your communication skills and self-confidence. You will learn how to:

  • deal with nerves and anxiety
  • write and deliver prepared speeches
  • improve your impromptu speaking ability
  • learn how to give and receive feedback

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If you’re looking for longer-term development…

While Speechcraft is a fast and efficient way to improve your confidence and public speaking abilities, joining a Toastmasters club provides a friendly and supportive environment to continually hone your skills.

Find a club near you and work at your own pace in a supportive club environment.