Claiming Reimbursement

District leaders can submit a claim for certain Toastmasters expenses. Before you spend any money, check with the to make sure you can claim the expense. Even if you’re told you can spend the money, try to keep costs down. Here are the steps for submitting your claim:

1. Download the Reimbursement Claim Form

Toastmasters District 73 Reimbursement Claim Form. [UPDATED: July 11, 2017].

2. Fill out the form

You’re required to complete the following fields:

  • Your name and Toastmasters leadership role,
  • Your club’s name,
  • Your banking details: BSB and account number,
  • A written detailed account of your claim, including the exact cost in dollars and cents,
  • The total of all the expenses your claim on this form.

3. Attach receipts to support your claim

Receipts prove the expense and are required for any claim to be successful.

4. Submit your claim form and receipts

Email your claim form and receipts to the and

Generally, it takes two weeks for your claim to be approved and your expense reimbursed.