Public Speaking Courses in Victoria & Tasmania

Victorian & Tasmania

Speechcraft is a short course run by Toastmasters that covers the basics of public speaking. It’s been described as ‘jet-powered learning’ by participants, and typically runs for four or six weeks. Group sizes are kept small – usually between eight to sixteen participants.

What do you learn?

Taking a Speechcraft course helps you improve your communication skills and self-confidence. You learn how to:

Deal with nerves and anxiety

Write and deliver prepared speeches

Improve your impromptu speaking ability

Learn how to give and receive feedback

I would highly recommend Wandin Toastmasters’ Speechcraft course to everyone.  I was extremely terrified of speaking in public but the course structure makes you participate in a variety of activities in a fun way.  And the friendliness and ease with which it is conducted, can calm any nervous speaker and help them in overcoming their public speaking fears.

Minu Vipin, Speechcraft Participant November 2018

Upcoming speechcrafts

Karl Hughes

Karl Hughes

Speechcraft Coordinator (TAS)

Due to COVID-19, we don’t have any upcoming sessions. Please let us know your details and we’ll let you know when we run a new one.

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Toastmasters was recommended to me a couple of years ago, after I mentioned in passing to someone of my completely unjustified but debilitating fear of public speaking. Of course I didn’t act on it because – Catch 22 – I was too terrified of public speaking to undertake any public speaking. Without hesitation

I can now say that with my hand forced to start the course in line with a new job that required presentation skills, Toastmasters has changed my life.

Since completing the course, from major industry figures’ assessment I have been a key member for ‘best presentation’ and of the winning team for what is now the largest project in Melbourne for my specific industry. I have been able to speak on every occasion clearly, eloquently, and with passion and conviction so that my messages have been received. I simply cannot recommend Toastmasters highly enough. Never underestimate how much your participation and input can make to a person’s life. Thank you again for being the A team!

Speechcraft Participant led by Judy Murphy DTM, Wandin Toastmasters club


District 73 Toastmasters may be able to send a team of our experienced Toastmasters to your company so your employees can learn without even leaving the office.

For corporate enquiries in relation to Speechcraft, please email our Speechcraft Coordinator (VIC) at .