Today, we discuss how professionals stand to gain from Toastmasters Pathways educational program.

We’ve listed the eleven paths and the core skills each of those can help professionals acquire or practice.

Learn and practice in a safe and supportive environment at Toastmasters.

Which skill(s) are you looking to work on?

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D73 Why Toastmasters? Content Series

This content is a part of our “Why Toastmasters?” series. It is a two-part content series planned for 2021-22, where the first part discusses the skills people get to learn through various roles at a Toastmasters meeting.

The second part of this series includes content that looks to inform/educate members and non-members about how Toastmasters stands to help jobseekers. In this case, a job seeker would be about anyone who is or aims to be a part of the workforce.

Watch this space for some interesting and helpful content. Also, do share what you think about content to help us improve.

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