Here’s Why You Want to Become a Club Coach

Here’s Why You Want to Become a Club Coach

Being a Club Coach Means You Grow

Become a Club Coach and Lend a Helping Hand to a Struggling Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters takes us on some fabulous journeys.

But none is sweeter than one which builds our own leadership skills and the leadership skills of others.

A journey that provides the opportunity to forge new friendships, support members as they grow and achieve their goals, and help a struggling club once again become a vibrant, healthy, club.


Are you looking for a new challenge? If So, Become a Club Coach.


Deborah Roffey, DTM, and Past District Club Coach Coordinator has this to say about her experiences as a Club Coach:

‘When I took on the Club Coach role in January 2016, Moorabbin Saints Toastmasters had just 8 members, with only 3 still active.

‘By EOFY we had grown to 10 active and enthusiastic members, each dedicated to helping rebuild their club.

‘We soldiered on, with the wonderful support of members from surrounding clubs, who visited regularly to help boost our meeting numbers, all the while growing the club from strength to strength.

‘As the end of my term approached, I felt so proud of the Club, its members, and the indefatigable team which assisted in the success of Moorabbin Saints Toastmasters.

‘We had rebuilt our membership to 20 and achieved Presidents Distinguished Club status!!!  An unbelievable result!’A Club Coach lends their experience and enthusiasm to guide others and offers assistance and direction. But it is the Club Officers and members who listen, act, participate, and respond which makes it all work in order to deliver a successful outcome.

Toastmasters teaches us leadership skills throughout our training and being a Club Coach is the ideal time to use those skills to help others.

Being a Club Coach is the most rewarding and the most challenging, yet enjoyable experience since joining Toastmasters.  To anyone considering being a Club Coach – what are you waiting for? As the Nike slogan says… “Just Do It”.’

Who Can Become a Club Coach?

A Toastmaster who belongs to a club with 12 or more members can be appointed as a Club Coach.

How Does the Club Coach Role Contribute to Your Educational Goals?

Serving as a successful Club Coach is one of the requirements of an Advanced Leader Silver (ALS). You need to earn your ALS to earn your Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

What Does the Club Coach Need to Achieve?

A Club Coach helps the club grow to 20 members (or a net growth of five members from the time of appointment) and achieve the requirements of the Distinguished Club Program status by June 30 of the current club year.

If the club has not achieved this goal by June 30, the Club Coach automatically continues in the role for the following year.

How Do You Become a Club Coach?

To get started as a Club Coach, please .

Why not become a Club Coach today?

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